Board of Directors

The Board of a public health service is responsible for its own governance. It is accountable to both Government and the community that it serves for ensuring the provision of agreed services with the resources provided.Board Directors are appointed by the Governor in Council, upon the recommendation of the Minister for Health.To fulfil its role, the Board should have Directors with a range of appropriate expertise and experience. The functions of the Board of Directors as determined by the Health Services Act 1988 include: 

  • To monitor the performance of the hospital; and 

  • To ensure the service provided by the hospital comply with the requirements of the Act and the aims of the organisation.

The Board is to assist in delivering these goals by receiving regular report on the organisations operations including Quality, Safe Risk and Financial activities. These are tabled through our various committees, these being: 

  • Board

  • Business, Land and Asset Committee

  • Community and Consumer and Partnership Advisory Committee

  • Clinical Governance Committee

  • Credentialing and Scope of Practice Committee (in collaboration with Bairnsdale Regional Health Service)

  • Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Our Current Board of Directors

We currently have vacancy for Independent Member(s), if you would like further information or to apply, please contact our Board Secretary, Arielle Flannagan (details here).

2022 - 2023 Board Directors below: