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Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Educator 

The diabetes education service employs a credentialed Diabetes Educator, who has a nationally recognised qualification for the quality assured provision of diabetes self-management.

The diabetes education service provides education and support for adults and children with diabetes. The aim is to assist clients to self-manage their diabetes, by providing support, knowledge, skills and motivation.

The diabetes education service accepts referrals from general practitioners and other health care professionals. If making a referral on behalf of another, please ensure you have their permission to do so. Diabetes Education is available for; 

  • Management of Type 1, Type 2, Gestational and pre-diabetes (IGT)
  • Blood Glucose monitoring and interpretation of blood glucose levels in relation to food, physical activity and medication
  • Appropriate diet and lifestyle changes
  • Weight reduction with individual consultations or with our group based Weight Wise Program and  Exercise Programs
  • People who are experiencing unstable blood glucose levels
  • Changes in medications or beginning injections
  • Complications Management 
  • Travel advice