Omeo District Health values your feedback and would like to hear ‘Your story’.

If you have had a good experience, take the chance to thank those that have helped you. Everyone likes to know they are doing a good job and will make sure your feedback is passed onto the relevant staff member.

If there were things that you didn’t like or something that you feel could be improved, let us know so we are aware of it and can improve the experience for everybody, because WE CARE at Omeo District Health.

When you leave your feedback the related department will be notified and will be able to respond and thank you, or tell you what we are doing to improve the experience for everybody.

How to tell ‘Your Story’

Please let us know directly, by emailing

You can tell us your story by Care Opinion website.

We invite any comment you may have about the health care we provide.

If you believe your concerns are not being addressed adequately by ODH you can contact;