Omeo District Health have access to the Health Direct portal for conducting telehealth with patients.

Video Call has been developed by Health Direct Australia to make it easy for healthcare providers to offer their services via video consultation. Consumers can connect with the relevant Specialist or ODH clinician from their home, from work, or from wherever is most convenient, using everyday devices – smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Speak with your health care professional if you are interested in having a consultation via Telehealth.

Available services

To join your telehealth consultation, click on 'Omeo Medical Centre' below:

Alternatively, if you wish to access Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), please click here.

Location Days Times Contact Details
Omeo Medical Centre Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm 03 5159 0140
Press on 'Omeo Medical Centre' above

Not sure if you can access telehealth from your device?

Take a moment to check that the device you are planning on using can connect to your telehealth appointment. After clicking on the link, below, follow the prompts to find out if you device will work.

If you receive results that your device will not work, you can then try another device or contact the person who you made the appointment with to make alternative arrangements.

Need help accessing your telehealth appointment?

This information sheet will help you access your Telehealth Appointment.

If you still have issues accessing your telehealth appointment call the ODH Medical Centre (03) 5159 0140.

Clinicians access

Clinicians can use the below links to access their health direct video call rooms.