PAG (Social Support Group)

PAG (Social Support Group)

The Social Support Group operates every Tuesday and is run by Home Based Services Team at Omeo District Health. The aim of the social support group is to provide out of home, social and recreational activities. These activities are designed to stimulate physical, mental and social participation for participants.

The activities are conducted in a group setting at various venues within the local area. Exceptions apply, with excursions on an occasional basis. The emphasis of the program is placed on activities that encourage the participants to interact, socialise and be active, with others in their community, whilst enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A fully cooked lunch, main and dessert, is provided. A fee is asked for each visit to assist with the cost of the program.

Home Based Services Team will arrange transport if required, for participants to attend these sessions.

An assessment process is essential as this is a funded program, please contact Home Based Services for more information, 5159 0100. 

Location Service Day Of Week Times Contact Details
Omeo District Health PAG Tuesday 10:00am to 3:00pm 03 5159 0100