Safe Patient Care Act

Safe Patient Care Act

Omeo District Health provides services to our community in a variety of different inpatient and residential settings.

  • Lewington House – Residential Aged care (10 High Care and 1 Transitional Care Beds)

  • Acute Care (4 beds)

Note:  Low Care Residential Aged Care Beds not included within the ratio’s

 Our Nurses are essential to ensuring quality and safe care. At ODH our Nursing ratios within our wards comply with the required staffing levels as per the Safe Patient Care Act.  It is anticipated that occupancy in Lewington will be 80% and acute 10% in the next 6 months based on the previous 12 months occupancy data.

Acute care:

Omeo District Health provides inpatient care in our Acute ward for:

  • Patients who need to stay overnight with medical conditions

Name of mixed ward Omeo District Health
The total number of occupied beds 11

The different nurse to patient ratios that apply.

Ratio Acute Care AM shift: 1 Nurse to 6 Patients, 1 Nurse in Charge PM Shift: 1 Nurse to 7 Patients, 1 Nurse in Charges ND Shift: 1 Nurse to 10 Patients, 1 Nurse in Charge
Ratio High Care Residential Aged Care (Including TCP) AM shift: 1 Nurse to 7 Residents, 1 Nurse in charge PM Shift: 1 Nurse to 8 Residents. 1 Nurse in Charge ND Shift: 1 Nurse to 15 Residents, 1 Nurse in Charge
Relevant ratio applied.. 1.76 1.54 0.87