Preventing Coronavirus - New Changes
Preventing Coronavirus - New Changes
November 20, 2023

Consistent with our Outbreak Management Plan, ODH has reviewed its level of risk and determined that a number of preventative measures are warranted to protect our most vulnerable consumers and staff.

To that effect the following measures will take effect from today and will be reviewed weekly to consider any further adjustments that maybe required.

 1. Mask wearing

Consistent with our current consumers risk profile, ODH is transitioning back to wearing of surgical masks by all staff.

This includes staff attending to clients in the community / client’s home.

Staff attending to Urgent Care will need to apply a P2/N95 mask when triaging consumers presenting and may apply additional Tier 3 PPE following triage.

 Visitors, contractors, consumers and other clients are also required to apply a surgical mask when accessing ODH .

Supplies will be available at each Reception point.

2. Screening on entry to ODH 

Screening on entry to residential aged care homes remains an important preventative measure.

As such, all visitors (including contractors) to ODH and in particular Lewington House are encouraged to undertake a RAT prior to entry.

Visitors that have tested positive to COVID-19 must not enter ODH and in particular Lewington House for at least 7 days and until they remain symptom free.

RAT testing should be undertaken by all ODH staff daily prior to attending work.  

  • If unwell stay at home and get tested for COVID-19.

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, please advise your manager as soon as possible, stay at home for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms (returning day 6) and until acute symptoms have resolved.

Upon return and up to day 10, additional precaution such as wearing of P2/N95 mask maybe required.

Close contact staff who are asymptomatic and have tested negative can attend work wearing a P2/N95 masks. However, each case would need to be considered further in consultation with the manager. Please contact your manager before coming to work to discuss.

For clarity, close contact is a person who:

  • Lives with someone who has COVID-19, or stayed the night at their house

  • Spent more than 4 hours indoors in a house or other residence with a person who has COVID-19 while they were infectious.

3. Other measures

Hand-hygiene, social distancing and cough etiquette remain important preventative measures. Please follow them as often as required.